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Minutes 2021/02/09

North Park Community Council Agenda

February 9, 2021

Google Meet

3:45 p.m. (Google Meet)

Attendees:  Heidi James, Diana Beard, Lisa Begley, Ashley Remkes, Rebecca Okey 

  1. Welcome, Attendance
  2. Review of Past Minutes  
    1. Posted on website for review
  3. Review of 2019-2020 Report
    1. Shared draft of review for last year
    2. Reviewed Goal
    3. How used funding to address the goals
    4. Discussion of ongoing needs to consider moving forward
    5. Timeline for submission of report has changed for this year
  4. Discussion of School Needs for Next Year (School Data Review, Online Learning, COVID Impact on Academics)
    1. Need for technology increased and will continue as updates are needed
    2. Gaps in learning already exist this year and predicted to be a concern for next year
    3. Changes in instructional procedures due to COVID-19 have impacted classrooms
    4. Fluency with reading is a concern being seen across grade levels
    5. Concern for students that have missed instruction due to quarantines, online learning
    6. Need for Plan A (Lifting of restrictions from COVID) and Plan B (limited restrictions due to COVID)
    7. Take-home reading material (Scholastic News/Science with online support, etc.)
  5. Discussion of possible changes for next year’s plan
    1. Maintain goals
    2. PLCs critical and valued tool to support learning in the school/classrooms
    3. Possible increase of technology cost included in planning
    4. Incorporate some funding by using more digital components to cut cost
    5. Decrease in estimated funding for next year based on current enrollment
    6. Projected funding $58,774
  6. Discussion on timeline for 2021-2022 nominations and voting
    1. April advertising
    2. May Voting

 Meeting Dates

 Tuesday, March 2, 2021 - 3:45 @Google Meet/ North Park Community Room