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Minutes 2021/03/03


March 2 2021

North Park Community Council

Google Meet

3:45 P.M.


Attendance: Rebecca Okay, Diana Beard, Ericka Rodriguez, Ashley Remkes

Absent: Heidi James, Lisa Begley


Review of past minutes, posted on website for review

Updated timeline for Submission  

   1. March 26- All plans due to be entered online (opens March 10)

   2. March 31-Review of plans with district team

   3. April 14- corrected plans due

   4. May 5- Present Trust Land program to WSD Board for approval

   5. Review of 2021-2022 Plan

   6. Vote on 2021-2022 Plan

       *Committee will continue to get updates and vote as needed. 

Review of Plan

   1. Academic areas of Reading, Writing, Technology and Fine Arts

   2. Students will achieve growth and school proficiency percentage will increase

   3. Funding towards PLCs to help with learning in the classroom

   4. Budget to get more chromebooks and phase out some Ipads, Computer Lab

   5. Create a space for STEM related activities or after school activities. 

   6. Decrease in Funding which is based on current enrollment of students

School needs for 2021-2022 Plan

   1. Paraprofessionals/Aides salary

   2. Need for Take Home reading Materials

   3. Maintain technology and programs used for the students and teachers

   4. Help with learning gaps that have been caused by Covid-19(Quarantine, distant learning)

   5. Panels will replace smartboards, Use of Soundsystem

   6. Incentives for the students, General Supplies and Materials

   7. Projected Funding $58,774.00


Vote on plan for 2021-2022: Rebecca Okey:Yes, Diana Beard:Yes, Ericka Rodriguez: Yes, Ashley Remkes:Yes

Email verification & vote: Lisa Begley: yes; Heidi James: yes


Discussion of needing new members to join the Community Council

Next Meeting TBD

End of Meeting 4:25 P.M.