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Minutes 2021/01/12

North Park Elementary Community Council

Tuesday January 12 2021

3:45 P.M. Google Meet


Present: Rebecca Okey, Diana Beard, Ericka Rodriguez, Ashley Remkes, Michel Strate

Absent: Heidi James, Lisa Begley


Review of last meetings notes, Approved by all members present

Bike racks: will be placed with better weather

Substance abuse discussion


School LAND Trust plan has been submitted but delayed at least by 6 weeks


Utah School and Institutional Trust System: Video was watched to further explain where the funding comes from and where it is used 



Needs for next year plan:

-Leader in me: Leadership pieces, Academics, Culture

-Review of 2019 data (covid19 caused insufficient data 2020)


-Depth of knowledge will be the target for next year's plan, Comprehension with Reading, Math and Science as a focus.

-Focus on the growth of our students, no matter the need, one to one, that the DIBELS and RISE have shown in the Passageways of Progress.

*Increase help where needed for students Behavioral, Social, Emotional growth and learning due to Covid Restrictions(Covid Impact)

-Online learning, Devices and Programs to help Students and Teachers with Distant learning. Continue to reach for increase in learning and understanding while students and Teachers develop online learning.


Virtual training about the harm of smokeless tobacco and other tobacco/drug use focusing mostly on 4-6 grades, will continue to look into information and age appropriate for younger grades. (discussed by Ashley Remkes)


Family Literacy Bags: A bag with books and other online resources were sent home this week. Resources can be found on the North Park TIgers Website. 


Google Meet: Meetings and videos are provided to parents and Students to help teach the online tools the teachers use with the students. 

-CANVAS, North Park Elementary Website,Gmail are a few of the tools used to get information to the students and parents from the teacher. What better ways to keep communication open? 

-Community Council reviewed the North Park Elementary Website and  few ideas and suggestions were brought up. Focus on content and simplification of Resources. (Diana and Ericka Commented as Parents)

-Plan to use : Student Gmail, Parent email, North Park Website, and Canvas for communication. 


Overview of next year's plan and any further ideas will be emailed prior to the February 9th meeting, Votes will take place on Future plans February 9th. All persons present voted yes.


Meeting adjourned at 4:50 P.M.


Next meetings:

 February 9th @3:45 Via Google Meet

 March 2nd @ 3:45 Via Google Meet