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Minutes 2017/09/11

Community Council Meeting Notes – 9/11/2017

In Attendance:  Riko Reese, Jenn Kasteler, Dave Tanner, Trina Favero, Tina Wright


Meeting Began @:  3:38PM   

Minutes read and approved:  n/a (first meeting of the year)


   Reviewed Trustlands report for 2017-2018

  • A math aid will be hired for 4th-6th
    • Current aid time will be checked
    • What will Math aid job look like
      • Redirecting group
    • If there is aid time available after review it will be allotted to Math
  • Order (lease) new Chromebooks
  • Science books are on the way – waiting for 3rd grade edition to be printed

   Title 1 review

  • Up to date except
    • SAGE scores are still preliminary
    • DIBELS in process

     Behavior Plan

  • Tier 1 training has been completed by all staff
  • Positive blitz – banners, slogans, bucket filler program, PRIDE tickets, PTA quarterly party for students with no OOPS tickets
  • Parent Night will have more instruction for parents about positive expectations
    • 26 @ 5:30-7:30PM
    • Will begin with all in gym to go over school wide expectations
  • Watch Dogs – male mentors (dads) in halls with shirts to identify them a people kids can ask for help
  • Hank Smith Assembly – consensus is to have him come twice a year rather than three times
    • Money saved on third assemble would fund Watch Dog program

   Other Items

  • Teachers and staff would like a more detailed definition (definitions?) of minor and major infractions
    • This will be worked on during upcoming PD time
  • Public/Staff/Faculty invitation to Board Meeting Oct. 9th @ 7:45AM in the gym

Meeting Adjourned @:  4:14PM