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Minutes 2017/10/06

Community Council Minutes 10-6-17

Roll Call – Riko Reese, Dave Tanner, Trina Favero

Excused - Alison Stander, Tina Wright, Angie Johnson, Kim Schneider, Jenn Kasteler

Minutes from last meeting read by: Riko Reese

Approved by: Dave Tanner

Title one plan completed and SAGE and DIBLES scores are now included

Last year’s Trust Lands Final Report Reviewed and discussed

Hiring the math aide is in process

The other areas were all completed

DIBLEs scores went down 4% over all last year

Question about DIBLES about counting students that come later, will be addressed

Dave Tanner will review with teachers the effectiveness of the science books

Discussion about next year’s plan will be held next meeting

Elections were discussed that to keep a rotation, elections will occur each year.

Trina Favero made the motion that the schedule be resent to the members –Seconded by Riko Reese

All voted to do so. It will be sent out by Riko Reese

Motioned to adjourn meeting made by Riko Reese and seconded by Dave Tanner

Meeting adjourned at 4:15