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Minutes 2024/01/29

Community Council Minutes

3rd Meeting





North Park Elementary

1/29/24  4:00 pm, NP Community Room

Council Members Present 

  • Michel Strate

  • Adam Bushman

  • Ericka Rodriguez

  • Jen Lopez

  • Jolyn Emerson

Council Members Excused

  • Cynthia Valenzuela

Community Members Present

  • Bradley Spencer


TIME  Last meeting minutes 

Review last meeting notes

  • Learned of volunteer opportunities that have been filled

Current Budget

Look at funding & how it’s being spent

  • Discussed RISE proficiencies; identified Math as the lagging area needing attention specifically for COVID affected student cohorts; plans to hire math aide; implementation of monthly celebrations for improvement

  • Discussed FTEs from Title 1 and Trustland funds

  • Summarized the behavioral development programs within the school, tracking, and the forthcoming district program

  • Reviewed the initiatives around “Leader in Me” program led by the action teams and lighthouse students

Revisit Priorities-Prepare to draft plan for 2024-2025

Money for additional LA aide & math interventions

Look at Title 1

Goals & funding

Action Items - Items to be voted on

Council Member’s Name


Council Member’s Name





Talk about volunteer opp. again next time and review in detail the plan for spending next year


Meeting Minutes Must Include 

  • Date, time, and place of the meeting 

  • Names of members present and absent 

  • A brief statement of matters proposed, discussed, or decided 

  • A record, by an individual member, of each vote taken 

  • The name of each person who: 

  • Is not a member of the council, and after being recognized by the chair, provided testimony or comments to the council 

  • The substance, in brief, of the testimony of comments to the council, provided to the council

  • Any other information that is a record of the proceedings of the meeting that any member requests be entered into the minutes