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Minutes 2024/02/26

Community Council Minutes

4th Meeting





North Park Elementary

2/26/24  4:00 pm, NP Community Room

Council Members Present 

Jen Lopez

Jolyn Emerson

Michel Strate

Ericka Rodriguez

Council Members Excused

Adam Bushman

Cynthia Martinez

Community Members Present

Bradley Spencer


TIME  Last meeting minutes 

Reviewed last meeting notes

  • Jen moved to accept and Jolyn seconded

Last Year’s Funding

  • Jen compiled a list of grant opportunities, we will look closer at those in an upcoming meeting

Review Draft for upcoming Plan

Reviewed last year’s plan & discussed what is happening in the school in relationship to the plan:

  • We are seeing progress with our Tier 2 reading interventions.  Our reading growth is improving and we can see improvement even more this year than last

  • We have started Tier 2 math interventions this year and have also seen progress with our Acadience Math scores

  • We purchased 4 Newline Panels for classrooms that did not have them installed yet

  • We are using Trustland money for our chromebook leases, we have 1 to 1 technology at our school

  • We are looking at professional development for our teachers to be completed by June 15th

  • We would like to hire another aide to provide Tier 2 reading interventions so that our groups are smaller.

  • Jen moved that we add another time to meet to finish the plan and Jolyn seconded.  The date chosen is Tuesday, March 5th at 4:00 p.m.

Look at Title 1

  • We used the data illustrated in the Title 1 Plan from RISE and Acadience to help us see the trajectory our grade level students are on

Action Items - Items to be voted on

No items to be voted on at this time

Council Member’s Name


Council Member’s Name



DATE FOR NEXT MEETING: March 5, 2024  4:00 p.m.


Finalize the upcoming Trustlands Plan


Meeting Minutes Must Include 

  • Date, time, and place of the meeting 

  • Names of members present and absent 

  • A brief statement of matters proposed, discussed, or decided 

  • A record, by an individual member, of each vote taken 

  • The name of each person who: 

  • Is not a member of the council, and after being recognized by the chair, provided testimony or comments to the council 

  • The substance, in brief, of the testimony of comments to the council, provided to the council

  • Any other information that is a record of the proceedings of the meeting that any member requests be entered into the minutes