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Minutes 2019/02/12

Minutes: February 12, 2019

Written by Ericka Rodriguez


Tuesday February 12 2019 @ 3:30

Attendance: Rebecca Okey, Benjamin Delora, Ericka Rodriguez, David Tanner, Brad Spencer, Jane Musters

Agenda:  Review last years goals and review the draft plan for 2019-2020 before we vote.

-Goal #1:60% growth on DIBELS from BOY to EOY. 100% of students provided opportunity to participate in arts and STEM.


    -Estimated Expense $57, 485.00

    - money can fluctuate between action plans steps

-Goal #2: Leader in Me- influences academics and include behavioral pieces. Self Reflection of individual goals. Improve school Culture and decrease school wide behavioral incidences.

     - $2.00 per student for incentives, rewards (store)

     - foundation helping with funds

     - Students provided with binders, students trackers for personal data

     -use 3D printer 

     -teachers provided with material to support and provide personal learning opportunities.

     -Estimated Expense $9,000.00

Ongoing Expenses: Buy vs. Lease

   -maintain technology, 1:1 with devices (better treatment of device with responsibility) 

   - hold off on IPads, Rotate new stock

   -Chrome Books for 3-6 grade =est. $12,000.00

Lease on technology is preferred

   -replace headsets as needed for IPads

 * IDEAS: week long programs: 

     -Afterschool, Summer, Mad scientist, Texas Intruments program. Hill AF Base, Library 

Next meeting March 5 2019- VOTE-

March 8 plan due to district

End: 4:40 P.M.