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Minutes 2019/03/06

March 5, 2019 3:30 P.M.
In Attendance: Rebecca Okey, Trina Favero, Ericka Rodriguez, Jane Musters, Benjamin Delora, Bradley Spencer, Stacie Scott
-Review Trustland 2019-2020 Plan and Vote
Goal #1
  -Focus on academics, CFA's, STEM and Attendance, PLCs- Computers, art, library, P.E.
  - Money for Paraprofessionals
  - Non Touch Chromebooks for 3-6 grade will be in lease. District will cover 52% when North Park Elementary is selected by the district for one-to-one initiative, which should take place in a year or two. 
Goal #2
  -Leader In Me-focus on Academic/Behavioral 
  -Binders, Student Trackers, Rewards
Tiger Tickets=rewards for above and beyond behavior
Self Reflection Daily= Responsible, Respectful, Safe, Kind
 -80% points per month to attend activity. 
FIX IT tickets replace OOPS tickets- guides students with steps to correct behavior (MTSS)
Council Members want itemized expense reports at meetings to see where money spent. *council understand staff salary fluctuates.
Discussion of access to apps/Media on tablets/Chromebooks
-want sites monitored/filtered
-district tech dept. involved
-Parent/Public Forum possibly in April around 7:00 P.M. 
-Teach Responibility
-Share ongoing Data w/DIBELS and Leadership
Council will meet April 9 @ 3:30 to discuss responsibility for next year.
end of meeting: 4:45