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Minutes 2019/01/08

North Park Community Council Minutes

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 @ 3:30


Attendance: Rebecca Okey, Benjamin Delora, Ericka Rodriguez, Trina Favero, Stacie Scott, David Tanner, Brad Spencer

Agenda:  Review School Data,

Performing components

                Sub groups with diverse gaps

Test scores only a piece – other components up to high school

School Report Card

                New – how we perform on more areas

                Show strengths and need for improvement

                New interactive format with more detail

                Displays school level info/all schools except private

How to use:  Community Council goals based off report

                Last year data meters and ratings

Only evaluated in certain area

Roadmap of information for school to focus resources

How to help: ask and share, tools and resources, parent engagement

Achievement/Growth/English Learner progress


                Growth – low in language arts

                English Learner Progress – exemplary

                Look at data and decide

Overview of goals – narrow goals

  • DIBELS – K-6 English Language
    • Grades 3-6 chromebooks, look at cost and possibly start with 6th and work down
    • Cameras, headsets for computers, scans barcode for access
    • K-6 Chromebooks for math (DreamBox pilot), 40 minutes/week
    • Projectors are most used technology
  • FAME – allows for planning/focus time, teacher aides needed to support, supplies
  • Science and Math goals, focus on math tutor and STEM/Science Fair
    • Achievement with math, science and language arts needed
    • Project Lead the Way possible desire for future
    • Competitions cost money, great student involvement
    • Have support for parents to know how to help students at home in math
  • SAGE – math aide/tutor recently hired
    • Grades 3-6
    • Consistency with students beneficial
    • Support and enrich with DreamBox digital program
    • Funds needed to support for next year
  • Leader in Me
    • Funding for training and student engagement support
    • Focus for North Park for next year
    • $2/student for incentives
  • Dates for meetings: need additional date to review plan in more depth and finalize goals

Next Meetings:

                February 12, 3:30 to review goals

                March 5, 3:30 to finalize and vote on plan

End: 5:10 p.m.