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Minutes 2018/11/13

North Park Community Council Minutes

Date/Time          11/13/2018         3:30 p.m.


Meeting called to order by Rebecca Okey


In Attendance:

Trina Favero, Ericka Rodriguez, Jane Musters, Stacie Scott, Brad Spencer, Rebecca Okey, Michel Strate



Reviews roles of Community Council

Funding Needs based on plan:  Technology, Leader in Me

Goals for Year in ELA, Math, Science, and 100% of students participating in art during PLC time

Mrs. Okey asked about any needs or concerns from parents.

One parent in the community had questioned the lock down drill and why the front door was not locked.  The same parent was upset that they were not allowed to check their child out during the drill.

Mrs. Okey addressed the procedures during the safety drills in the school.  All doors in the school will be locked but typically, the intruder will enter through a front door.  All drills are taken seriously and protocol is followed during the drill including the inability to check students out during those drills.  Each drill allows the school to analyze the needs of the school and to make adjustments for security and safety purposes.  Protocols and procedures are followed.

The school would like to provide resources for parents on the website.  These would include community agencies and services.  This will also be addressed on a district level as well.  

Teachers are interested in getting cameras for the computer labs to use with the reading and math programs being used.   The school would also like to purchase additional chromebooks for the classrooms starting with 6th grade and moving down grade levels.  Eventually the goal will be to move to 1:1 for all students in grades 3 and up.  The school would also like to purchase supplies for the 3D printer to support reading, math, and science.

New position available in the school for an aide to support attendance and math.  

The Leader in Me program is being studied by the teachers during faculty meetings this year.  It is a student version of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and several schools in the area are currently involved with the program.  With addional support from the foundation and the WSD Foundation, the cost for starting up is around $3,000 per year.  The initial year, there are costs for material as well.  Teachers and administrators from other schools would help with some of the training to reduce the costs involved.  The possibility of braiding funding to support the involvement was discussed and approved.  In schools where the program is being used, they have seen a decrease in bullying and an increase in student purpose.  All employees would be involved in the training.   Parents would also become a part of the program and be involved throughout the year.  The council voted in support of pursuing the program for the school.  

Next Meeting:  Jan. 8, 2019 

Meeting adjourned at 4:30