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Minutes 2015/11/02

Minutes for Community Council 11-02-2015

Roll:  Tina Wright – Chair, Trina Favero – Parent, Jenn Kasteler – Teacher, Dave Tanner – Teacher, Riko Reese – Principal

Meeting Began:  3:30PM

Minutes read and approved.


  1. Reading Plan

                DIBELS (K-3)  Beginning of Year      End of Year (projected goal)

                                 37=Kindergarten        44=Kindergarten

                                 61=First                         65=First

                                 57=Second                   61=Second

                                 65=Third                       68=Third

Interventions – push-ins, LIA, Imagine Learning, STATR volunteers

  1. Roundabout – Mr. Reese has received many calls about the new roundabout.  As North Park has no jurisdiction over it, the calls have been forwarded to the city council.  Since then a speed-bump has been installed on 2175 West in front of the school. It is unknown why the speed-bump was installed.  Just like the roundabout, North Park has no jurisdiction over the speed-bump.
  1. Family Literacy Night – Nancy Crocker, Reading Specialist

A terrific family night has been organized to take place on Tuesday, Nov. 10th from 5:30PM-7:00PM.  Dinner will be provided.  There will be several literacy based activities for all ages to participate in.  A free book will be sent home with each family.

The next family night will be held on Friday, Feb. 26th during Dr. Seuss week.

  1. School Marquee – Mr. Reese had found a bid of $30,000 initially.  He currently has found a couple of new bids for (color) $18,000 and (black and white) $9000.  It was the opinion of the council that the black and white display marquee would be sufficient.  It question is how to fund it?  It has been verified that the electric lines are already in place for a marquee.
  1. The council has been asked to brainstorm ideas for what next year’s Trustlands Plan should look like.  Currently most of the funds go to salaries for various aid personnel.  It was suggested that next year the funds could go toward

Motion to End Meeting – Jenn 

Seconded by - Tina

Meeting adjourned 3:30PM