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Minutes 2016/01/04

Minutes for Community Council 01-04-2016

Roll: Tina Wright – Chair, Trina Favero – Parent, Jenn Kasteler – Teacher, Dave Tanner – Teacher, Riko Reese – Principal, Quinn Henderson – District Tech

Meeting Began: 3:35PM

Minutes read (Jenn) and approved (Dave)


  • Tech Safety presented by: Quinn Henderson
  1. What does WSD filter? iBoss brand filter used. There are 2 sets in case one fails. Other network filters are used as well, acting as a third filter if needed.
  2. Elementary, Jr. High, and High schools are all filtered differently, as well as student and teacher logins as curricular needs are different.
  3. There are 2 people at the district who manage all filtered areas. Filtered areas are: Alcohol & Tobacco, Friendship, Guns & Weapons, Malware, Porn/Nudity, Swimsuit, Toolbars, Adult Content, Dating & Personals, Drugs, Gambling, Streaming Radio & TV, Violence & Hate, and Web Proxies. They types of social media that are allowed are: YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Search (safe mode enabled).
  4. WSD property used in the school setting are filtered as follows: iPads & Android Tablets – Airwatch, Chromebooks – Google Management, and Lab Desktops – NetSupport.
  5. CIPA – Child Internet Protection Act requires student online safety training. WSD was using the NetSafe Utah program whose curriculum was mainly a series of videos. WSD now uses Common Sense Media for student internet safety training. This curriculum offers grade and topic specific worksheets and lesson plans. Common Sense Utah has also rated games, apps, etc. for appropriate context.
  • Boundary Change Proposal
  1. WSD is proposing 4 new boundary changes. North Park will be affected by proposal #3. The proposed area will be annexed to North Park boundaries as the land has not yet been fully developed. The few families that are currently in the area have the choice to attend Valley View or North Park. All other who move in will attend North Park.
  2. A boundary study team will be created. It will be made up of a parent, a teacher, a community council member, the principal, a member of the transportation department, and a representative from the district office.
  3. The boundary study team will be looking at issues including bussing, classroom availability, parking/bus loop/ bus loading and unloading, open enrolment status, and discontinuation of boundary exceptions.
  4. It was discussed that North Park was built for a max occupancy of about 850 students. North Park occupancy is currently at about 450 students.

Motion to End Meeting – Jenn

Seconded by - Tina

Meeting adjourned 4:15PM