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Minutes 2015/09/30

Minutes for Community Council 9-30-15


Tina Wright – Chair

Trina Favero – Parent

Janae Thomas – Parent

Dave Tanner – Teacher

Riko Reese – Principal

  1. Mr. Reese presented the Title One Plan and the Land Trust plan and discussed needs and changes
  2. Dave Tanner presented the school safety plan and it was signed by the members
  3. Mr. Reese brought up the desire to have a marquee in front of the new school and how we are going to try and do that with the fundraisers and maybe including the Woodsman
  4. It was brought up that there are weeds and thistles out on the playground and near kindergarten area.
    1. Mr. Reese followed up with Jason and there is a work order put in to have it sprayed by the district.
  5. It was brought up about the gate and access during the winter, if there would be a path plowed.
    1. Mr. Reese followed up with Jason and he will have a route cleared and we are putting it in on agenda for the yearly budget meeting to get a sidewalk put in from the gate to the playground area.
  6. A schedule was set up by the chair for the remainder of our meetings

They will be at 3:30 on the following dates

November 2

January 4

March 7

May 2

It was motioned by Tina to have this be the schedule and seconded by Trina

Meeting adjourned