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Minutes 2015/03/24

Community Council Meeting Notes – March 24, 2015

In Attendance:  Joanne Hobbs, Dave Tanner, Janae Thomas, Tina Wright, Trina Favero, Kim Schneider, Jenn Kasteler

Excused:  Stacy Baker

Meeting Began @:  4:05PM   

Minutes read and approved:  Jenn, ??


  • Trustland Funds
    • Approval for next year’s plan
      • Change statewide for Trustlands reporting to be submitted
      • Those who sign the plan will be seen online
      • You will be receiving an email to say “yes” that your were on the council and gave input
      • Principal Hobbs proposed that we stay with the plan we have been implementing
      • Goals and steps were reviewed and feedback requested
        • Step 1 will change from P.E. instruction to Art instruction
          • Michelle Meyer has volunteered to teach FAME as she is earning re-licensure points
          • Janae Thomas – technology
          • Amy Green – Americore aid, reading tutor, organizes volunteers
      • Step 2 Math
        • Add Moby Max measurement data
        • Senteos “clickers” – demo to be set up in Mr. Tanner’s class
        • After School/Summer School has been added
        • many teachers have opened their doors for before school instruction
      • Step 3 PLC
        • Available keyboarding programs have security issues, school and district wide, difficulty finding secure programs
        • Tech department is working very hard to protect student/staff/faculty
        • Example – Imagine Learning (required by the state) looking specifically for SS#’s
      • Last year allocation 23,298.00  expected

      $ 26,495.00   received

      +  4,917.00   carry over

       $ 31, 412.00

       $14,00.00  spent so far

       $17,00.00 remaining without aid & sub salaried             deducted

       $8,00.00 has been opened to teachers to purchase manipulatives (math & science) and guided reading (Janet Ala)

  • Vote taken:  For = all in attendance     Against:  none (one?/Mr. Tanner?)
  • However, it was pointed out that aids are not available for DIBELS testing in the upper grades.  Where can support come from?  The question seems obvious but, no discussion has taken place.  If testing is to include up to 6th grade, this issue needs to be discussed.
    • LIA students?
    • More help is needed
    • Plan approved with an addition added to get reading support for upper grades
  • Progress report from last year
    • Our copy will be coming through email
    • No comments, yea or nay, for money utilization
    • If money is left over iPads will be purchased for the younger grades
  • New evaluation tool
    • WSD developed their own assessment tool which was approved by the state
    • Part of state-wide evaluation piece is to open up a survey
    • Brochure distributed to all in attendance