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Minutes 2023/02/06

North Park Community Council Meeting Minutes 

February 6, 2023

North Park Elementary 

4:30 pm - Community Room  

  1. Welcome - Community Council Members 
    1. Board Members Present:Cynthia Valenzuela, Jared Abney
    2. Board Members Absent: Diana Beard, Ericka Rodriguez, Jolyn Emerson, Stephanie Fitzgerald
    3. Other parents/staff attending: Carem Fuentes, Michel Strate, Brad Spencer
  2. Review Minutes-Mr. Abney
  3. Review Current Trustland and TSSA Plans
    1. Had a detailed review of both the Trustland and TSSA plans. Mr. Abney needs to make some edits and changes.


  1. Next meeting Monday, March 6th at 4:30PM
    1. Finalize Plans
  2. Aligned Trustland and TSSA goals with Title I plan

Adjourned Meeting