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Minutes 2022/11/7

North Park Community Council Meeting 

November 7, 2022

North Park Elementary 

4:30 pm - Community Room  

  1. Welcome - Community Council Members 
    1. Board Members Present:Cynthia Valenzuela, Diana Beard, Ericka Rodriguez, Jolyn Emerson, Stephanie Fitzgerald, Jared Abney
    2. Board Members Absent: 
    3. Other parents/staff attending: 
  2. Review Minutes
  3. Review Current Trustland and TSSA Plans
    1. North Park School Report Card
    2. Review Progress of ELA Walk to intervention 
    3. Update on BTS Arts Grant
  4. Planning for Next Year
    1. Additional Aide Time for Math Walk to intervention
  5. Next meeting Monday, January 9th at 4:30PM
    1. Continue work on plan for next year
  6. Title 1 Plan
    1. Title 1 Plan was recently Completed
  7. Motion to Adjourn