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Minutes 2022/09/12

North Park Community Council Meeting 

September 12, 2022

North Park Elementary 

4:30 pm - Community Room  

  1. Welcome - Community Council Members 
    • Board Members Present:Cynthia Valenzuela, Diana Beard, Ericka Rodriguez, Jolyn Emerson, Stephanie Fitzgerald, Jared Abney
    • Board Members Absent: Ericka Rodriguez
    • Other parents/staff attending: Michel Strate, Carem Fuentes
  2. Overview of Trustlands
    • We watched a short training video
  3. Nominate Chair and Vice Chair
    • Practiced and Reviewed Rules of Order
    • Stephanie Fitzgerald was nominated for Chair by Jared Abney,  Seconded by Cynthia Valenzuela.  Unanimous vote to elect as CC Chair
    • Diana Beard nominated as Vice Chair by Jared Abney, seconded by Jolyn Emerson.  Unanimous vote to elect as Vice Chair.
    • Jolyn Emerson nominated Cynthia Valenzuela as CC Secretary, Stephanie Fitzgeral seconded.  Unanimous vote to elect as Secretary.
  4. Review Current Trustland and TSSA Plans
    • The highlights of both the Trustlands and TSSA plans were review including: Major areas of focus, Allocated money, and Rational behind planned allocations
  5. Next meeting Monday, November 7th at 4:30PM
    • Reviewed date for next meeting
  6. Title 1 Family Night and Title 1 Plan-Wednesday, September 21st at 5pm
    • Invited CC members to attend the Family Engagement Night.
  7. Stephanie Fitzgerald made a motion to end the meeting, Cynthia Valenzuela seconded the motion.