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Minutes 2016/10/10

Community Council Meeting Notes – October 10, 2016

In Attendance: Riko Reese, Jenn Kasteler, Dave Tanner, Trina Favero,
Excused: None
Meeting Began @: 3:40PM
Minutes read and approved: Jenn/Dave
Discussed: Reviewed Trustland report
• Community Council Election
o 2 year term
o Ballot box to be put out during PTC
o 2 parent majority per one teacher
o Chair = parent, Co-chair = parent or teacher, Minute Taker
• Title 1 Plan
o Revised for this year
o A few changes have been made
o Teachers hired, Masters
o Went up in numbers
o Professional Development changes
o Signed by those present
o School Grade
 Dropped one grade each year based on SAGE
 Percentage change (student growth)
 Language arts to be focus – changes to be made in writing assessment
o Summary of Expenditure
 Given $33,211.00
 Carry over of $3,820.72 – needed to be spent
 New Total $37,031.72
 Purchased 35 new Chromebooks with excess funds
• Will be picked up after four years as tech services will no longer support
• If Chromebooks are sold as surplus, where toes that $$$ go?
• Next year we will lease the property. Proposed: Riko Seconded: Jenn, Dave, Trina

Meeting Adjourned @: 4:00PM