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Minutes 2017/01/09

Community Council Minutes


Attendance; Tina Wright, Trina Favero, Dave Tanner, Riko Reese

Excused: Jenn Kasteler, Alison Stander, Angie Johnson, Kim Schneider

Minutes read and approved: Unanimously


Need for Science books in 4th – 5th grades.

  • Are they being used, are they worth purchasing with Trust Land Monies next year?

  • Assignment: Mr. Tanner will check with 5th grade Mr. Reese will Check with 6th to determine if a purchase is needed or if the on line information is enough to use without purchasing each student a consumable book.

Title One Audit

  • Weber School District is having all Title one schools audited.

  • Thy will conduct interviews of principal, secretaries, parent group, paraprofessionals

  • They will review Title One plan

  • Check inventory of all items purchased by Title One money (must be labeled as such)

  • They will Check website (Mr. Reese had a district tech help him today get it up to date)

  • Check the Time and Effort reports for teachers that are paid under Title One (need last years and this current years forms).

Meting moved to adjourn at 3:58 by Tina Wright,

Seconded by Trina Favero

Meeting adjourned