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PTA Minutes 2024/05/29

PTA Minutes
May 29th 9am

Attendees: Heidi James, Margaret Airhart, Tara Litster, Carem, Michelle Strate, Tracy Beck

Back schools August 19th  4-6 - Heidi, Carem, Erika ?, Tara, Margaret

Margaret will get shirt’s order. Margaret will get with Michelle State for teacher orders.  Teachers must order and Pay by July 20th to get a shirt.  Margeter and Heidi will figure out prices for t-shirt prices and a combo with PTA membership.  

Have 2-3 computers there - Get a swipe - Have 2 Cash boxes one for shirts one for PTA memberships

- sign up sheets  - For each activity


     Budget approval 

*Fun Run - Wednesday October 2nd 9-11.  

Come talk to teachers in September time about Fun Run.

Kick-off assembly for Fun Run - ?

*Reflections October 15th

*Book fair #1. October 14-16 PTC #2. Week in February PTC? #3. Beginning of May?

Family engagement?

*PTC dinners October  14-16th & February ? - 1st one we do Wednesday, October 15th. 2nd on February 7th

*Valentine Gram February 14th

*Dr Seuss Spirit Week March 3-7 Wednesday picture day

*Teacher appreciation May 5-9 - Tues. 6th lunch - Thurs. 8th dessert

*Field day May 21st.

Meetings first Mondays 5pm?