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PTA Minutes 2020/04/13

North Park Elementary PTA Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday April 13, 2020 @ 3:30pm
Zoom Video Conference

Members Present: Elizabeth Edmunds, Patricia Fedderson, Trina Favero, Heidi James, Brooke
Favero, Ericka Rodriguez, Shawnie Colohan, Michel Strate, Tracy Beck, Becky Okey

Inspirational Thought: There are two types of people: Those who will tell you you won’t
succeed and Those who are afraid that you will succeed.

The minutes from March’s PTA Meeting were reviewed by Patricia Fedderson. Patricia
Fedderson set a motion to approve the minutes, Elizabeth Edmonds and Tracy Beck seconded
the approval.

Treasurer's Report: Given by Elizabeth Edmunds
● $23,850.75
● She has not picked up April's statement from the school but will do so this week. The
amount above is from last month. Okay to have the statement signed after quarantine.

Calendar of Events:
● Book Fair- Virtual only Book Fair. Will be open for 14 days after set up. Books will be
shipped to buyers' homes. Orders over $25 will get free shipping, under will have to pay
for shipping. Send the web address to grandparents, aunts & uncles. Let everyone know
about it. School will get 25% from the book fair. More information will be sent out via
email and Facebook once it is available.
● Funds from Field Trips for Teachers to use: Every kid has to be included. Many teachers
wanted to use the funds that would have been used for field trips to buy books for all the
kids in the school that they can read over the summer. Some thought about buying
science materials. Ericka will look at and determine how much field trip funds are left per
class. The office will let Ericka know the final amount due for school buses for field trips
already done. Will discuss more.
● Field Day- If kids come back to school, no close proximity activities. No bounce houses.
Will need to think of other activities. Possibly have kids stay in classes to do the
activities. Possibly send something home with the kids that they can do over the
summer. Possibly do a virtual field day. As more information becomes available it will be
● Board Positions: Patricia Fedderson has done two years as secretary, Margaret Arihard
is interested in the position. Heidi will get Liz her contact information to discuss further.

● Bi-Laws: Tricia sent them to the state PTA Board to be notarized, just waiting for them to
be sent back. Old By-Laws expire on May 1st 2020.
● Mrs. Okey: Kindergarten Round up will be online. Registration for new students will also
be online beginning Thursday. Tricia will post about these on Facebook. Just waiting for
the Governor to make the decision about when school will be back in.

Meeting Adjourned @ 4:10pm
Next Meeting will be May 11th, 2020 @ 3:30pm