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PTA Minutes 2019/11/18

North Park Elementary PTA Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday November 18, 2019 @ 3:30pm
North Park Elementary Community Room

Members Present: Elizabeth Edmonds, Shawnie Colohan, Ericka Rodriguez, Patricia
Fedderson, Brooke Favero, Trina Favero, Kimberly Sickles, Tracy Beck, Mrs. Okey, Mrs. Strate

Inspirational Thought: Shawnie Colohan

The minutes of the October meeting was reviewed by Patricia Fedderson. Patricia Fedderson
set a motion to approve the minutes, Elizabeth Edmonds approved and Tracy Beck seconded
the approval.

Treasurer's Report: Given by Ericka Rodriguez

● $22,271 in the account, not including Waffle Love spirit night money or Super Run
Fundraiser money.

Calendar of Events:
● Super Run: All prizes have been awarded, the top 15 kids sprayed Mrs. Okey, Elizabeth
Edmonds, and Patricia Fedderson with silly string, and the top class received their pizza
party.We received a check from Holly Fundraising for $3,315. We will not be using Holly
Fundraising for any event every again.

● Book Fair: Went really good. They spent $1,100, they earned $2,654, there is a balance
of $1,500. An opinion was expressed that we should look into other Book Fair
companies because of some of the books that were displayed for sale. We feel like
Scholastic is a good company will most likely stick with them but Trina will check with
West Haven to see who they go through and then get back with us.

● Fundraiser Ideas: Little Caesars was discussed as a possible fundraiser for Spring time
or the next school year. Elizabeth will look into them and get more information about this

● Parent Teacher Conference Dinners: Mrs. Okey proposed that the school will pay for our
PTC dinner for the teachers and teacher appreciation if we pay for gift cards for the
whole staff because the school can no longer buy gift cards for staff. PTA will consider
and get back with Mrs. Okey. Ideas for the teachers dinners: Texas Roadhouse might
give pretty good discount and cater. Patricia will look into them.

● Teacher Appreciation: Every staff member is invited to teacher appreciation from the
PTA. Hershey’s gives candy donations, Patricia will look into them.

● T-Shirts: Will have ordered shirts by next week, Elizabeth will bring to the school by
Tuesday unless something unforeseen happens. Shirts for next year: Elizabeth thought
we could do a contest and have the students design a shirt then have a vote. Will
discuss more and have a decision soon. Elizabeth will send an email out to the teacher
over the summer, by the end of June or the beginning of August, to get teachers orders
for their shirts.

● Mrs. Okey: Community Council is focused on the safety of all students. They would love
any needs/wants input from PTA about how things can be improved. Programs that are
being considered are the WatchDog volunteer program. More information will be shared
as it is obtained about this program, and if it will be used or not.

Meeting Adjourned @ 4:42pm

Next Meeting will be January 6, 2020 @ 3:30pm

(There will not be a meeting in December Merry Christmas!!)