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Flu Shot Clinic

Your school and Weber-Morgan Health Department (WMHD) are pleased to announce they are partnering to provide an Immunization
Clinic at your school. WMHD nurses will be offering influenza vaccine to all students and staff. Parents and siblings are welcome to
attend with their child and may receive their influenza vaccine at the same time. It is recommended that everyone over 6 months of
age receive an annual influenza vaccine to prevent illness and hospitalization. Tdap vaccine will also be offered to adults. It is
recommended that everyone receive a Tdap or Td booster every 10 years.

  • For clinic dates and times, see the attached calendar.
  • Fill out both sides of this form and send the completed form back to the school on the day of the clinic.
  • Please read the Vaccine Information Statements, which can be accessed by scanning the QR code above.
  • You can also find copies of this consent form and the school clinic calendar at