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Child Access Routing Plan (C.A.R.P)





Safety is a top priority at North Park Elementary.


These procedures are IMPORTANT in order to KEEP ALL STUDENTS SAFE.



Drop Off & Pickup

 1. The front of the school (West side) is for buses and day care vans only. This is not to be used as a drop off or loading zone for other students.

2. Drop off and pickup students only on the SOUTH SIDE of the building.

3. Stay in the RIGHT HAND LANE when dropping off students for school. The LEFT HAND LANE is for drive through only.

4. Continue to WAIT IN THE RIGHT HAND LANE and move forward with the traffic. If there is room in front of you, move forward to close the gap so the line continues to move toward the exit point.

5. The staff will do their best to help load and unload cars when needed.

6. DO NOT PARK your car in the loading zone (right hand lane). Please use the south parking lot to park your car and use the crosswalk to pick up your child.

7. Use extreme caution when exiting the area using the left hand lane.


Walking Routes

  1. Students walking northbound may utilize the sidewalks on the east side of 2175 West.  A crosswalk is located at the 3-way stop intersection of 4150 West.Students walking southbound and crossing 4000 South, should cross at the crosswalk located at 2075 West.

  2. Students may enter the gate which opens directly into the east side of the school playground.  This gate will be locked once school has started and throughout the day.

  3. Kindergarten students are supervised on the Kindergarten playground located on the west side of the school.

  4. Parents who need to walk students inside the school, need to enter through the west entrance and check-in at the office.


Additional Information

    • For safety and security, all parents or visitors must check-in at the office before entering the building for any reason.  This includes morning drop-off and pick-up.  


    • Students eating breakfast will enter through the south doors.


    • Morning supervision on the playground and in the cafeteria for breakfast begins at 8:00 a.m. 


    • Students are not allowed into the classrooms/building until the morning bell at 8:35 a.m.


    • Students arriving after 8:40 are required to check-in at the office.  Please arrive on time and minimize the loss of productive classroom instruction time.