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SUPER RUNjogathon03

When: October 9th

Where: Park next the North Park Elementary (by tennis courts)

What is it: The Super Run is a PTA sponsored educational program & fundraiser teamed up with SUPER RUN. 

Goal: Earn $12,000

How it works:

  • The few weeks before the Super Run students are encouraged to help raise funds for our school by gathering donations or pledges from sponsors for the school’s Super Run. Students will ask for a flat donation or a pledge. A pledge consists of a dollar amount they are willing to pay for how many laps that particular student runs.  On the day of the event, students will run (or walk) for about 30 minutes on a mini track where each lap is 1/16th of a mile long. 

How to Get Started Collecting:

  1. Register your student at
  2. Email your student's LINK to everyone you know. Try and share at least 10 emails.
  3. Use Social Media to help spread the word.

Where does the Money Go:

  • The Money that the students earn goes to field trips, class parties, class magazines or educational activities, some assemblies, Reflections, field day, Dr. Suess week, and other things that support the students education at North Park Elementary.
  • Online Registration and Payment at
  • Any money turned in to school will be received in the office (envelope with student name, grade, teacher name, amount enclosed)  Make all checks payable to North Park PTA


  • Register Online - Get a mystery prize
  • Get your first Pledge/Donation - Get a Lanyard and first Super Hero Collectible
  • Get 2 online pledges - get a 3 hour pass to The Rush Funplex in Syracuse, Utah
  • Every $30 in donations - Get another Super Hero Collectible
  • Every $100 in donations - Shop at the Super Store
  • Get $800 in donations - Get a BMX Bike
  • Top 4 Students with HIGHEST AMOUNT - 2020 season pass at The Rush Funplex

Dates to Remember:

  • October 2nd - Pledge/Donation Due Date
  • October 4th - Final date pledges/donations will be accepted
  • October 9th - Super Run Big Day (all students should wear school pride shirts, orange, or black)

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