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President: Heidi James




  • North Park Elementary 

What is it: 

  • The Run-a-thon is a PTA sponsored educational program & fundraiser. 

How it works:

  • The week before the Run-a-thon students are encouraged to help raise funds for our school by gathering donations or pledges from sponsors for the school’s Run-a-thon. Students will ask for a flat donation or a pledge. A pledge consists of a dollar amount they are willing to pay for how many laps that particular student runs.  On the day of the event, students will run (or walk) for about 30 minutes on a mini track where each lap is 1/16th of a mile long. 

Where does the Money Go:

  • The Money that the students earn goes to field trips, class parties, class magazines or educational activities, some assemblies, Reflections, field day, Dr. Suess week, and other things that support the students education at North Park Elementary.


  • TBD

Watch this Video for More Information: 

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