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Miss Wallace Bio

Education:Krislyn Wallace

  • Montana State University - Bachelors Degree
  • Western Governors University - Masters Degree

Grades Taught and Where:

  • Fifth grade for 4 years at Bates
  • Sixth grade for 3 years at Bates 
  • Fourth grade for 2 years at North Park

Why I like working at North Park Elementary:

  • I love the talented people that work at North Park. The community surrounding North Park is supportive and friendly. Lastly, and most importantly is the students and each of their unique personalities they bring to the classroom!

What you do when you are not at School:

  • In my spare time, you will find me camping, hiking, mountain biking and skiing. I love to travel to new places and meet new people in different cultures. I also enjoy reading good books and spending time on my deck.

Favorite Quote:

  • Nothing great was every achieved with out enthusiasm. -emerson
  • Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn it. -Benjamin Franklin

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