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PRIDE Tickets
 Awarded for any appropriate behavior above and beyond normal expectations
 Awarded for great effort
 Awarded for achieving a specific school goal
 Awarded for helping others unasked
 Not used for enticement or whole class reward
 Any teacher can give any student a PRIDE Ticket

Redeeming PRIDE Tickets
 When a student has received a PRIDE Ticket they must wait until recess to redeem it
 They bring it into the office and turn into either secretary
 They may instantly receive a PRIDE Token to use in the machine and the secretary will mark it used and allow them to take it home to show parents
 Or they may have their ticket put on the PRIDE wall and hope to win a bigger prize, at which time they can take the used ticket home to show parents

Oops Tickets
 Oops tickets are a reminder to students to know they need to change their behavior and a communication to parents to let them know that there has already been a few warnings and the behavior has continued
 Any staff can give an Oops ticket to any student
 A copy goes to the teacher and the other goes home with student to be signed and brought back
 If the student does not bring it back then contact with the guardian must be made by the teacher
 After the student has had five Oops tickets in a quarter they need to have an office visit to discuss behavior
 This does NOT take the place of immediate office referrals due to a major infraction

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