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North Park Tigers

Our Mission

The purpose of North Park Elementary is to guide ALL students in developing their own self-confidence through

high-levels of academic, social, and emotional learning in order to ensure whole community success.     

PRIDE  Tickets
 Awarded for any appropriate behavior above and beyond normal expectations
 Awarded for great effort
 Awarded for achieving a specific school goal
 Awarded for helping others without being asked
 Not used for enticement or a whole class reward
 Any teacher can give a student a PRIDE Ticket

Redeeming PRIDE  Tickets
 When a student has received a PRIDE Ticket, the student must wait until recess to redeem it
 Students take PRIDE tickets to the office and give them to a secretary
 Students may instantly receive an incentive OR choose to have their name placed on the PRINCIPAL'S 300 CLUB grid for a chance to win a bigger prize.  The PRIDE ticket will be marked when used and then returned to the student to take  home to show parents

Oops  Tickets
Oops tickets are given to students after there have been at least three warnings of regarding inappropriate behavior and reminders of expected appropriate behavior.  The Oops ticket serves as a reminder for students and a communication to parents.  
 Any teacher can give an Oops ticket to any student
 A copy is kept by the teacher and the other goes home with student to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the teacher
 If the student does not bring the Oops ticket back, the parent/guardian will be contacted by the teacher
 If a student has had five Oops tickets in a quarter,  an office visit will be made to discuss appropriate behavior, consequences for inappropriate behavior and a plan of action to support succes for the student
 This does NOT take the place of immediate office referrals due to a major infraction