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North Park Policies and Procedures

Here are a few things that will help us to have a great year:

• Utah State Law requires regular attendance. To ensure that concepts and skills are consistently learned, regular school attendance is a must. Also, punctuality is critical in order for children to feel a strong sense of belonging and to receive the directions and review that are given at the start of the day. We encourage you to not allow your child to stay home unless they are ill. Please notify the school in the morning if he/she will be absent. 801-452-4341.

• A climate that fosters active participation in learning without disruptive influences is crucial to each child’s education. It is expected that every child will behave in a manner that allows all children the opportunity to learn to their maximum potential. This requires responsible behavior in class, on the playground, on busses, and walking to and from school. Please review Weber School District and the school’s Policies and Procedures with your child.

• Students must remain on the school grounds during the school day. We have a “check in”, “check out” policy in the office when students come late or need to leave during the school day.

• North Park students take pride in their dress and grooming. Students are expected to maintain dress and appearance that is modest and not distracting to teachers or other students. Please review the North Park Dress Code with your child.

• For drop off and pick up the half-circle in front of the main doors is the bus and Day Care van drop off and pick up only. This means no other vehicles are allowed to drop off or pick up students in front before and after school. If there are any emergencies or other issues that we need to address during the year we will work with you on an individual basis. The main parking lot curb or Side loading area is where students are to be dropped off and picked up. The Life Skills busses will still be picking up their students on the side a bit earlier than the regular ending time, as they have been, so they are out of the way before the main rush. Thanks for working with them to get our special needs students safely on their busses.

• Parents who use the Side loading area when bringing their children to and from school need to pull to the front of the line to drop off and pick up children. All must use the crosswalks in the loading area when walking to and from the school. Parents may not leave their cars unattended while in the loading area. Please watch safety monitor’s signals. The south side and west side parking lot is available if you need to come into the building.

4046 SOUTH 2175 WEST ROY, UT 84067 | P:801.452.4340 | F:801.452.4359