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Trust Land Report 2015-2016

Trust Land Summary 2015-2016

Goal 1

The Trust Lands money was used to provide the teachers with PLC time in order to use the gathered data from common assessments and core aligned assignments to help them assess the needs of the students in areas of concern, to plan lesson around the objectives that may need re-teaching, and to build common assessments that enhance the learning process.

We also provided time for the teachers to Benchmark test their students and to continue to progress monitor them for the DIBLES testing in reading.

The funds also provided us the opportunity to have aides used to do reading push ins and small group work in the classrooms along with the teachers. The monies also provided a substitute teacher so that the classroom teachers could do the benchmark testing on their own students and see where any concerns may be. This is continued throughout the year to monitor students’ progress.

All teachers were provided with professional development on reading and writing. We also have a take home library that allows student to take home books on their reading level and have the opportunity to read with success.

North Park Elementary had a gain from Beginning of Year to end of year in 2014-2015 from 65% to End of Year 71% children at benchmark.

In 2015-2016 we had an increase from BOY of 62%to EOY at 72% children on Benchmark. It was a total of 1% difference but the growth was greater. This information was provided by the DIBLES testing done each year.

Goal 2

The Land Trust money was used to provide the teachers PLC time in order to use the collected data from the common assessments and core based assignments to determine the planning of their next lessons, re-teaching needs, monitor student progress, and find areas of concern to best meet the individual needs of the students.

Teachers were provided, and are continually provided, opportunities to participate in district professional development that helps increase their skills and abilities in teaching math. Math manipulatives were purchased in a few cases where they were needed to enhance and aid the techniques being used to teach in the classrooms.

Moby Max used to help in the collection and retrieval of data that was used in the PLCs to determine student needs. An aide was placed in the classroom of larger classes to help the teacher in instruction and individual help for those students who needed more one-on-one attention.   









Goal 3

Land Trust funds were spent to hire an aide to teach keyboarding during the teachers PLC time. She instructs the students on proper typing and keyboarding while also teaching computer skills. This helps the students not only with general computer use and typing but also allows them to be more comfort with, and have a better understanding of the computer and keyboard during SAGE testing.

We did not purchase the typing program since we already had one in place. The extra money went to purchase Chrome Books to aide in typing and other computer skills to prepare for the SAGE tests.

The amount of time on the keyboards was increased by a half an hour for students to be able to use the computers in order to type and to practice keyboarding. Since the actual keyboarding program was not purchased there is not a recorded increase in keyboarding but we do have an increase in the amount of time each student has on the computers.