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Community Council Meeting Minutes 10/15/2014


In Attendance:  Joanne Hobbs, Jenn Kasteler, Dave Tanner, Trina Favero, Tina Wright, Janae Thomas, Stacie Baker, Phil Nestoryak

Excused:  None

Meeting Began @:  4:03PM   

Minutes read, approved, and seconded:  Yes, Stacie and Joanne


  • Life Skills – many changes are going on
    • First year grades have been banded (K-3rd & 4th-6th)
    • A third unit will open for K-1st
    • Unit will be housed in previous ELL classroom – Mrs. Robello has moved to the 4th grade hall
    • This will provide more opportunities for Life Skills students to be out with their typical peers
  • Trustland Reporting –final
    • Budget has 3-fold goals
      • Reading
      • Math
      • Science
  • There was a $1000 carry over from 2012-2013
  • FAME paid sub salary but not aid salary
  • A $4000 increase to be carried over – could have been used to purchase FAME aids
  • A supply budget has been opened to each grade level for math manipulatives ie: 5th grade purchased place value blocks and glass vials for science
  • Recap – written on final report
  • Goal #1 – Increase student proficiency in reading and Language arts by 3%
    • FYI:  SAGE reports are postponed for one more week
    • We are still learning about what SAGE reporting will look like
    • Please be thinking of ways we can familiarize out families with the SAGE tool
  • Goal #2 – Raise proficiency in math by 3%
    • Clarification of math coach made
  • Goal #3 – Increase student proficiency in science by 3%
  • Discussion about future plan
    • FAME looks a little different this year
    • Be aware the Community Council member’s contact information is available to the general public
  • Mrs. Julander is our webmaster
    • Took a tour of the school website
    • District will need to (and are going to) update the initial North Park Elementary school photo
  • There is a Title 1 community center @ Club Heights which is accessible to all of us
  • Blogs – used for communication with students and parents
    • There is a counter keeping track of hits to school website
      • This will help us to determine if it is worth our time to keep a website
      • Website needs to be consistently updated to keep students/parents interested
      • The school calendar has been sync’d with Melanie’s calendar
  • Watched “Earning for Education”
  • Discussed DIEBLES data

Meeting Adjourned @:  5:15PM