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Community Council Meeting Minutes 09/16/2014


In Attendance: Joanne Hobbs, Jenn Kasteler, Dave Tanner, Trina Favero, Tina Wright, Stacie Baker, Phil Nestoryak

Excused:  Janae Thomas, Kim Schneider

Meeting Began @:  4:05PM

Minutes read and approved:  No



  • School Plans
    • Several plans were started during this time last year.  The Safety Plan is due this Friday so that is the one that has taken precedence for now.
    • Safety Plan handed out.  Dave Tanner arriving later to discuss plan.
  • Please talk about Community Council (CC) to your friends and neighbors.  Invite people to join!
    • Verified that Tina Wright has been our chairperson for one year.  Proposed that Tina would continue to serve this year.  Yays=6, Nays=0.  Tina confirmed this is her 3rd year as a CC member, but only 2nd year as chair.
  • Celebrated the awesomeness of this year’s PTA for a moment.

Joanne expressed her appreciation for the return of us all to the CC again this year.

  • Joanne introduced the Prosperity 2020 program (not on adgenda)
    • Specific to Roy cone (High School and all schools that feed into it create a cone).
    • Respected community member Allen Hall gathered other business leaders and asked, “What can we do to support schools graduation wise?”  They set a goal that became known as “Prosperity 2020 – defined as HS graduation rates continuing to climb until 2020, working toward every child graduating and being college ready.  Mr. Hall collaborated with Roy High principal, Gina Butters, and brainstormed ideas for the Roy area.  A quarter of a million dollars will be raised to support Prosperity 2020 and Mr. Hall has asked the Utah legislation to match the funds.  Legislators wanted to see what Mr. Hall and the $$$ can accomplish before legislation will be written to match funds.
    • The Roy area is home to four Title 1 schools.
    • Roy High’s graduation rate had climbed higher in the spring of 2013 than it had in 2012 showing that a difference can be made.
    • The Roy cone held a Kick-off Meeting Aug. 18, 2014 at Roy High.  The Prosperity 2020 theme is, “One Town, One Team, One Dream”.  Shirts were handed out to Roy cone faculty prior to the kick-off.  (The same shirts were distributed by Joanne to CC members.)
    • Mr. Hall stated at the meeting that, “This year will go down in history.  Everyone will be watching. Let’s show the world what we can do!”  It was generally felt that there is a good energy in the Roy cone!  This project has unified our schools.
    • There is a data component included for literacy and math.  Data will drive this project.  We need to define the beginning point – a benchmark.
    • There have been two T.V. news spots about Prosperity 2020.
    • Latinos in America is part of this goal.
    • The Hope Center was funded by Mr. and Mrs. Hall.  It is housed at the Boys and Girls club.  Any child may go to the Hope Center for extra tutoring.  Tutoring will be provided by approved students from Roy High.  The Weber Foundation is providing school buses to transport kids after school.
    • The Prosperity 2020 flyer was copied and distributed to CC members.  A color copy will be sent via email to all CC members at a future date.
    • Returned to agenda item 1.
  • Safety Pan – Dave Tanner
    • Copy of plan was distributed.  Dave explained that this is a blank document provided by the district for schools to fill out and return.  The shaded areas on the handout is were Dave has noted that information is needed.
    • Dave gave a quick read through of the plan.
    • Discussion moved to the Child Access Routing Plan (CARP).  The school zone flashing lights on 4000 S. have been moved from the North side of the street to the South side.  These flashing lights will not be moved back to the future round-about area.  The fence will be cut (gate inserted) to allow access to the school from the new cross walk.  The WSD will decide when that will take place.  The current crossing guards will not be moving to the new crosswalk until new school zone flashing lights are installed.
  • CC meeting dates are as follows:  Tuesdays at 4:00PM (generally the 3rd Tue. of the month)
    • October 21
    • November 25
    • January 20
    • March 17
    • April 21
    • May 2
    • Went back to agenda item 3.
  • Data
    • SAGE testing results have not been received yet although they were promised.
    • This data will eventually be part of the assessment for the Prosperity 2020 program.
    • Moby Max is used for math assessment (at home practice for educational skills).
    • Dibels results are available for younger grades (computer).  Dibels for the older grades is a pencil\paper test so there is no data base.  Dibels looks at reading, fluency, word recognition.  More Dibels data to be discussed at nest meeting.

Meeting concluded:  5:10PM