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Routing Plan

Morning drop off: 

Utilize the west circle for drop off, this traffic flow is working very smoothly.  Students who are dropped off may enter through the main doors and proceed directly to breakfast or outside to the supervised playground. If you park in the south parking lot and need to walk your student inside the school, please enter at the main doors on the west side of the school.  Students who are walking northbound may utilize the sidewalks on the east side of 2175 West.  You may have noticed the crosswalk has been moved to the intersection of 4150 West.  All walking students should continue across the sidewalk where PTA volunteers are crossing them safely over the south parking entrance and exits.  Those who are traveling southbound will continue, for the time being to cross at the intersection of 4000 South and 2175 West.  A new crosswalk is being constructed further east at the 2075 West intersection and all southbound walkers will change to that location upon completion.   A gate will also be constructed which will open directly into the east side of the school playground.  This gate will remain locked throughout the day.  Kindergarten students are supervised on the Kindergarten playground located on the west side of the school.  The first bell rings at 8:30, all students line up outside their classroom doors and teachers allow them into the class at this time.  The late bell is at 8:35 and any student arriving after that time is required to check in at the office.  All doors are secured throughout the day, except for the main doors on the west side of the school where traffic is routed into the office.




End of day pick-up:

The Life Skills bus enters the south parking lot for pick up at 3:00pm, please leave an open lane for this bus.  Kindergarten students are released at 3:10 and walk to the west side of the south parking lot where parents or siblings may meet them.  First grade students exit out the south doors and wait next to the Kindergarten students.  Second grade through Sixth grade exit out of their east doors and meet along their designated areas along the south sidewalk.  Siblings are instructed to meet each other at the southeast gate which leads into the playground.  All students walking southbound proceed to the west sidewalks and head south where a staff member helps them to cross the entrance and exit lanes safely.  They can cross at the crosswalks at 2175 West or 4400 South if needed.  All students walking northbound for the time being will travel on the sidewalk which leads them in front of the main entrance on the west, then they continue north to the crosswalk at 4000 South.  When the crosswalk at 2075 West is complete these walking students will travel to the new crosswalk using the east side path (in the back of the school) which will lead them through the gate.  

During afternoon pick-up the west circle is reserved for daycares and the Boys and Girls Club bus. New bike racks should be arriving soon and one will be installed by the south entrance to the playground, the other will be positioned at the main entrance on the west side of the school.  All students on bicycles or scooters should walk them while they are on school grounds.  

Just a reminder that morning supervision and breakfast does not begin until 8:00am, students are not allowed into the classrooms/building until the morning bell at 8:30am. Late bell rings at 8:35 and all students are required to check into the office after that. 

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