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North Park Parent Involvement Policy

North Park Elementary
4046 S 2175 W
Roy, Utah, 84067
Phone: 801-452-4340 

Title I School/Parent Involvement Policy 


In collaboration with parents, North Park Elementary faculty and staff have created a Parent Engagement Policy which includes activities as outlined in section 1118 of the ESEA Act of 2001.  In accordance with this policy North Park faculty and staff agree to:


  • Convene an annual meeting posted on August 18, 2023, to explain the Title I program to parents and inform them of their right to be involved in the program; it will be emailed to stakeholders and placed on the school website.
  • Offer a flexible number of meetings, to meet parent’s needs. Involve parents, “in an organized, ongoing and timely way,” in planning, review and improvement of North Park’s Title I program in conjunction with the Community Council;
  • Provide timely information about Title I programs to parents, describe the curriculum, the student assessments and proficiency levels students are expected to meet, provide opportunities for regular meetings where parents can provide input, and respond promptly to parent suggestions.
  • Provide parents with an opportunity to submit dissenting views to the Weber School District schoolwide program plan if the plan is not acceptable to them. North Park’s dissenting views can be submitted to the principal at 4046 South 2175 West, Roy, UT 84067.


In order to build capacity for involvement, North Park’s Elementary staff will provide assistance to parents in such areas as understanding the State’s content standards and student performance standards. They will also offer assistance on information about state and local assessments, the requirements of this act and how to monitor their child’s progress. North Park’s staff members will also provide parents with information as to how they can work with educators to improve the performance of their children and information as to how they can participate in decisions relating to the education of their children. All staff and students will be trained on the 7 Habits and information will be provided for parents pertaining to the Leader in Me program. This information will be shared at the annual meeting mentioned as well as the newsletters and on the web site.


North Park Elementary will provide materials and training, in person and/or virtually, to help parents work with their children to improve achievement. Materials will be distributed on a monthly basis by way of email, written notices, pamphlets, school newsletter, and the website.  The training will be offered in person and/or virtually bi-annually during SEP conferences.  


With the assistance of parents and staff, North Park Elementary will educate all staff members and parents in the value of parent involvement and the positive impact it has on student achievement and in understanding how to utilize parents as equal partners.


To the extent feasible and appropriate, North Park Elementary will invite parents of students attending Head Start, Home Instructional Programs for Preschool, and all other parents of preschool-age children, to fully participate in activities that help children have a smooth transition from preschool to kindergarten.


North Park Elementary will inform parents of the Parent Resource Centers in the Weber School District. Information about the Parent Resource Center, at Burch Creek Elementary, will be distributed through newsletters and SEP conferences. North Park Elementary will provide training/activities, in person and/or virtually, to support parents in participating in the education of their child.


North Park Elementary will ensure, to the extent possible, that information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent to the homes of participating children in the language used in such homes.


North Park Elementary will provide reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents may request.


To the extent practicable, North Park Elementary will provide full opportunities for the participation of parents with limited English proficiency or with disabilities, including providing information and school profiles in a language and form parents understand.


In collaboration with parents, North Park Elementary has created a school-parent compact. 


Principal, Michel Strate
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Secretary, Kim Borrego
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