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North Park Elementary PTA Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday May 11, 2020 @ 3:30pm
Zoom Video Conference

Members Present: Elizabeth Edmunds, Patricia Fedderson, Brooke Favero, Ericka Rodriguez,
Shawnie Colohan, Michel Strate, Becky Okey, Margaret Airhart

Inspirational Thought: North Park PTA inspires all!

The minutes from April’s PTA Meeting were reviewed by Patricia Fedderson. Liz Edmunds set a
motion to approve the minutes, Mrs. Okey seconded the approval.

Treasurer's Report: Given by Elizabeth Edmunds
● $23,850.75, nothing has changed since last month.
● She has not picked up this month's statement from the school but will do so this week.
The amount above is from last month. Will finalize amounts to be reimbursed to teachers
for books to all students and to school for Teacher Appreciation Lunch then will give
balance on Friday.

Calendar of Events:
● Virtual Book Fair: Went ok, very easy to set up. School’s sales total was $147, school
will get $36.79. That gives the school a balance of $562.30 available. This book fair did
less sales than normal book fairs. The school gets 5% of sales year around so if you
missed the Book Fair you can still order books through their web page.
● Funds from Field Trips for Teachers to use: Teachers bought books for each student,
grade relevant, shipping is backed up, don’t know when they’ll be there hopefully around
the same time as Yearbooks.
● Field Day- No Field Day this Year. Might do something in the fall. Will discuss more
when school is back in in the Fall.
● Board Positions: Patricia Fedderson is leaving, Margaret Airhart will replace her as
Secretary. Elizabeth Edmunds will stay as President, Shawnie Colohan will stay as Vice
President and Ericka Rodriguez will stay as Treasurer.
● Mrs. Okey: There will be a Student Material Pick-Up by grade on Monday May 18th.
Yearbooks are delayed, information will be sent out when they will be available. Watch
for a video from teachers. Tricia will post on Facebook to encourage parents to stay
connected with the school by updating email addresses, sign up on the portal and visit
the schools website.

Meeting Adjourned @ 4:16pm
Next Meeting will be in September for the 2020-2021 school year.

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