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Community Council Meeting Notes March 25, 2014


In attendance: Joanne Hobbs, Jenn Kasteler, Dave Tanner, Trina Favero,
Tina Wright, Janae Thomas, Stacie Baker, Amy Green


Meeting began at 4:10pm





  • Reviewed Trustland report

    • Check email for new plan to review
    • Review for our council as well as for our shareholders
    • FAME/PLC
    • AmeriCorp reading aid – Amy Green
      • Props to Amy for bringing in 31 reading volunteers. She had a hard job to set this all up and she has done a wonderful job!
      • AmeriCorp has done a great job and has been able to help about 60 kids!
    • Substitute teacher for 1st-3rd during Benchmark testing
    • Manipulatives for math and science
    • Penmanship program for 3rd grade
    • Budget projection:
      • ·Estimated Carry-Over from   2013-2014


        Estimated Distribution in 2014-2015


        Total ESTIMATED Available Funds for   2014-2015


    • PLC (Professional Learning Communities) has been a time for grade level teams to meet with the reading coach/best practices to discuss and interpret data. It has been taking place each Thursday in 50 minutes sessions per grade level.
      • Teacher opinion stated that the most productive PLCs have been the ones with a defined leader.
      • We were shown an example of a data board with 3 levels to show kids current standing and progress in reading. The levels are intensive, strategic, and benchmark.
      • It was mentioned that Lakeview, another title one school, is going through the reform process (accountability for federal funds). Things that have helped them is a school wide schedule and PLCs bumped to 90 minutes.
    • In the future we would like:
      • Instead of using FAME for PLC time, go to a computer lab where an aid will teach keyboarding skills in 30 minute intervals for half the grade while the other half attend P.E., then switch groups for the 2nd 30 minute session. PLCs will occur all week long rather than just on one day.
      • Continue with Americor volunteers.
      • Hire a computer lab aid to teach keyboarding.
      • Art and Music will still be important and supported by a grant that is being written and will be awarded to support an aid. There are four available categories and we must decide on two of them to focus on. The four categories are: instrumental, visual, performing, and vocal. The council gave requested feedback to Principal Hobbs that instrumental and performing arts would be preferred.
    • Discussed goals on new plan:

    Funds have been used for:

    In future, funds may be used for:


    Goal 1

    Goal 2

    Goal 3

    Goal 4

    Goal 5

    Salaries and   Employee Benefits (100 and 200)





    Professional and   Technical Services (300)


    Repairs and   Maintenance (400)


    Other Purchased   Services (Admission and Printing) (500)


    GOAL #1 Increase student proficiency in Reading/Language Arts.

    List the specific steps of the ACTION PLAN to reach this goal.

    Steps- Reading/Writing

    1. Provide teachers opportunities to meet in PLC’s to monitor student progress and determine intervention strategies. This opportunity will be facilitated during the technology/PE instruction.
    2. Continue to fund support staff for our reading “push-in.” This is individualized, small group reading instruction.
    3. Continue and maintain the district reading program.
    4. Reading fluency and comprehension will be monitored using DIBELS and benchmark assessments. This assessment will be administered at the beginning, middle and end of the school year to diagnose our progress. 
    5. Funding for substitute teachers to support teachers during benchmark assessing.
    6. Funding for Americore aide.
    7. All teachers will participate in Professional Development in the areas of reading and writing.
    8. Continue to fund and support the take home guided reading library.
    9. Continue with writing instruction using the basal and extension materials to support writing across the curriculum.
      1. Provide teachers opportunities to meet in PLC’s to monitor student progress and determine intervention strategies. This opportunity will be facilitated by the Technology/PE instruction.
      2. All teachers will participate in Professional Development in the area of Mathematics instruction.
      3. Continue to develop analyze and administer common assessments at grade level to best meet the individual student’s needs in math.
      4. Provide Math manipulatives as needed.
      5. Utilize Senteos to help retrieve data on assessments in math.
      6. After school tutoring/summer school will be provided for students who need additional interventions.
      7. Fund a Computer aide to teach grade specific keyboarding skills 30 minutes weekly in grade K-6.  This classroom time will be combined with district funded PE instruction which will provide teachers with the opportunity to meet in Professional Learning Communities (PLC). 
      8. Purchase a school-wide Keyboarding program.

    GOAL #2 Increase student proficiency in Mathematics.

    List the specific steps of the ACTION PLAN to reach this goal.

    Steps - Mathematics

    GOAL #3 Increase student proficiency in Keyboarding Skills.

    List the specific steps of the ACTION PLAN to reach this goal.

    • Imagine Learning – Funded by state but schools individually figure out how to support it (who will teach/monitor).
      • Imagine Learning is a computer based Language Arts program the adapts to fit the level each child is on.
      • It is in all schools.
      • Data from program is sent directly to the state who then decides implementation and progress.
    • Keyboarding Programs
      • School currently has two programs that are not super effective: Tux and All the Right Type.
    • We currently have ukuleles and recorders to use for the instrumental Music and Art grant if the desire is there.
    • Voted unanimous for the new plan.
    • Signed signature sheet for participation in Community Council.
    • Discussed plan for next Family Night. It was proposed that we hold a Open House to say good-bye to our beloved old North Park building. Event will be held April 10th from 5:30-7:00PM.
    • Two fieldtrips requested
      • Imagination Learning demo
      • New North Park School!!!
    • Future Meeting Dates
      • April 21st – Discuss DIBELS results over pie/cheesecake
      • May 12th – tour new school


Meeting Adjourned at 5:18pm

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