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Our school

801.452.4340  |  4046 SOUTH 2175 WEST ROY, UT 84067

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It's Report Card Day in Weber School District!

As you know, report cards are no longer being printed and sent home. The way to access the report cards now is through MyWeber Portal.

Click HERE for step by step instructions!

North Park Elementary Food Drive

When: December 2nd through December 13th

What: Food & Cash Drive

 What's needed?
  •  Cash Donations
  • Applesauce & Canned Fruits
  • Canned Beans & Vegetables
  • Canned Meats: Chicken, Fish, and Ham
  • Dried Herbs, Spices, & Nuts
  • Instant Mashed Potatos
  • Soup, Stew, and Chili
  • Meals in a Box
  • Pastas and Rice
  • Peanut Butter
  • Powdered Milk
  • Whole Grain Ceral
  • Cooking Oils
  • Granola Bars

Please avoid foods high in sugar or fat, glass or cellophane packaging.


School Wide Competition:

Who can make the longest paper chain? 

You'll receive a slip of paper for each food item or dollar donation you bring in. Your slip will be added as a link to your grade's chain. Let's see which grade level can create the greatest food chain! They will be hanging in out entry of our school!

**Please do not bring food to the office. Student Officers will be in each grades pod to collect donations daily. **

It's Report Card Day in Weber School District!

As you know, report cards are no longer being printed and sent home. The way to access the report cards now is through MyWeber Portal.

Click HERE for step by step instructions!

Look at the fun our school had with Unity Day. 

We are North Park Tigers, We are.... Students wrote I am statements on little cards.Unity Chain held by students in our school.

Students standing by chalk drawing for Unity Day.Students standing by chalk drawing for Unity Day.Students standing by chalk drawing for Unity Day.

IMG 1391Students standing by chalk drawing for Unity Day.IMG 1392

Unity Day is an annual event occurring during National Bullying Prevention Month in October that promotes joining together to create healthier communities through kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. It was started by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center in 2011 and is now celebrated around the world.  We encourage families to take the time this week to discuss what they have been learning at school, how they are treating their friends, how they are using positive self-talk, and ways they can continue to learn about bullying prevention and al the positive things we can do to make healthier communities. For more information on the history of Unity Day and its impact please go to 

lionWe're Going Wild At North Park!rhino

Join us for a Night in the SafaREAD!

Join us for a fun family night with literacy activities for the whole family! 


Date: October 28th

When: 5:00 - 7:00 PM

Where: North Park Elementary

What to Wear: Halloween Costumes (optional)

Free Food...........Free Books............Free Family Fun

Celebrating the winners of the Golden Tray Award this month were the kindergarten students.  The students were able to eat lunch with several officers from the Roy City Police Department as a reward for earning the most  points for being respectful, responsible, safe and kind in the lunchroom over the  past several weeks.  As a bonus, the officers brought every student a badge (sticker).  Way to go Kindergarten students!  We love our community and the way they support our school!

Kindergarteners with Roy City Police Department Eating Lunch

We were lucky to have the superintendent and other members of our school district come out and award students who completed the challenge from our Superintendent over the summer for reading and math! They each read a book to the grade and taught our students some valuable lessons! We love our school district!

Superintendent Reading to 4th Grade

Superintendent Students

2019-2020 PTA Reflection Contest 
Theme: Look Within

Think about the theme, decide how you want to explore the theme, and then start creating! There are lots of options for you!

Dance, Film, Literature, Music, Photography, Visual Arts

You can create one entry for as many categories as you'd like!

Due Date: October 11, 2019

Rules and Entry forms are in the office or can be printed online from

Questions: Linnell Fowers 801-644-2848

Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 14th-16th
School Dismissed at 1:15

This year the district is having parents sign up for Parent-Teacher Conferences! This is of great benefit to you so that you can choose a time that works best for your family. Here are the steps on how to sign up for Parent-Teacher Conferences.


1. Go to 
2. Click on "MyWeber" (top of the page)
3. Log into your account
4. Click the "Parent Teacher Conference" link on the right-side of page
5. Select "Fall Parent Teacher Conference"
6. Select student you want to schedule
7. Select desired conference date
8. Click the desired conference time
9. Click "Schedule Appointment" button at bottom of page
10. Repeat for each child until all conferences are scheduled


Our 6th Graders won our 1st Golden Tray Award of the year for great behavior and manners in the lunchroom. They got the privledge to eat lunch with our Roy City Firefighters and honor the firefighters for all they do! (Click on the images to see the image larger)

ThumbnailIMG 2646IMG 2646IMG 2646   ThumbnailIMG 2647IMG 2647IMG 2647    ThumbnailIMG 2648IMG 2648IMG 2648 ThumbnailIMG 2649IMG 2649IMG 2649    ThumbnailIMG 2650IMG 2650IMG 2650    ThumbnailIMG 2656IMG 2656IMG 2656


Our Mission

The purpose of North Park Elementary is to guide ALL students in developing their own self-confidence through

high-levels of academic, social, and emotional learning in order to ensure whole community success.



Here are a few things that will help us to have a great year:

Utah State Law requires regular attendance. To ensure that concepts and skills are consistently learned, regular school attendance is a must. Also, punctuality is critical in order for children to feel a strong sense of belonging and to receive the directions and review that are given at the start of the day. We encourage you to not allow your child to stay home unless they are ill. Please notify the school in the morning if he/she will be absent. 801-452-4341.


A climate that fosters active participation in learning without disruptive influences is crucial to each child’s education. It is expected that every child will behave in a manner that allows all children the opportunity to learn to their maximum potential. This requires responsible behavior in class, on the playground, on busses, and walking to and from school. Please review Weber School District and the school’s Policies and Procedures with your child.


Safety is a top priority at North Park Elementary.  All parents or visitors much check in at the office before entering the building for any reason.  This includes morning drop-off and pick-up. The southside of the building is used for all drop-off and pick-up.The westside of the building is for bus access only. With approval, daycare vans may be provided access.Please review the Routing Plan for more details.


Students must remain on the school grounds during the school day. We have a “check in” and  “check out” policy in the office when students come late or need to leave during the school day.


North Park students take pride in their dress and grooming. Students are expected to maintain dress and appearance that is modest and not distracting to teachers or other students. Please review the North Park Dress Code with your child.


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