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Our school

801.452.4340  |  4046 SOUTH 2175 WEST ROY, UT 84067

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Support Staff

Tina Wood
Lydia Creager
Natalie Andersen 
Jackie Williams

Playground  Aides
Mikaela Mendez
Deborah England
Tricia Fedderson
Crissy Hunt 


 Reading Center Aides
Janet Ala
Shelby Tuckett


PLC Aides
Ashley Potokar (PE)
Dana Bingham (PE)
Shannon Smellie (Art)
Janae Thomas (Computers)


  English Learners (EL) Aide
Cindy Trimble


Tech Support
Ty Porter


TSSA Behavior Aides
DeeDee Little


Student Advocate Aide
Dana Bingham





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