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Minutes 2022/01/24


January 24, 2022

Current Spending Plan

Trust Land Plan Spending

Goal #1 English/Language Arts

  • $28,000 allocated to school aides
    • Paraprofessionals will be used to provide intervention, student support, and enrichment through whole group, small group, pull-out, push-in, RtI, and rotations during PLC time.
    • $87.99 Heggerty Phonemic Awareness teaching materials
    • $146.39 Monthly copier payment
    • $102.00 Sub Pay
    • $2,726.00 IXL Learning Software
    • $16,172.00 Ascend bill for Chromebooks

Goal #2 Math/Science

  • $450 for Robotics
  • $2,726.00 IXL Learning Software

Next Years Plan Ideas

Ideas from past meetings:

  • Increase in Mental Health Specialist support
  • Either an Art/Music rotation in PLCs or a fourth rotation for just music.
  • A moderate classroom focusing on providing school readiness and behavior supports in a push-in or pull-out model for both regular Ed./SPED. To be staffed by both resource and regular ed. teacher.