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Minutes 2020/09/15

Begin 3:45 P.M.

Community Room at North Park Elementary

Attendance: Tracy Beck, Rebecca Okey, Ericka Rodriguez, Heidi James

Absent: Lisa Begley, Diana Beard, Ashley Remkes

New teacher council member, Ashley Remkes (Tracy-y, Rebecca-y, Ericka-y, Heidi-y)

We want to seek more parent involvement so we can add teacher members on the Council

Overview of Community Council tab and information on the school website

  • Updates of members and roles within Council
  • Look at previous meeting minutes and the hits received
  • TSSA plan information
  • School Land Trust information
  • Update Funding Summary
  • Check Future tentative meetings and Voted to make them meeting notices. (Tracy-Y, Rebecca-Y, Ericka-y, Heidi-Y)

Discussion and Video on new roles and changes within community council 

  • Flexibility with any core standard, able to include Behavioral components, Safety and Digital Citizenship. Accountability to academics and raise graduation rates. Data and measurements needed
  • Simplification with submitting information and data. Data from UPEFS with pop up entry as well. Better formatting on Text Boxes and Public Pages more accessible on New Website.
  • More Funding to help reach the Academic Goal of Student needs for improvement. First English, Math and Science with Financial and Fine Arts available. 
  • New Advisory Roles
  • Positive Behavior Plan, School Meals and Late Start for High Schools

Most Funding goes to Employ Staff and Aides needed.

The Second Biggest expense is Technology.

   -North Park Is 1-1 with Chromebooks

Grant money is used by the state for online learning programs that improve student learning. 

Next meeting Tuesday November 10 2020 @3:45P.M. in the Community Room.

- we will review carryover from last year and discuss further funding needs.

End of meeting 4:45P.M.