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Minutes 2020/04/14

North Park Community Council
Meeting April 14 2020
Location: Google Meet
Time: 3:45 P.M.

Attendance: Rebecca Okey, Tracy Beck, Diana Beard, Ericka Rodriguez, Lisa Begley,
Brad Spencer, Michel Strate
Update and Discussion of soft Closure:
 Soft closure for the remainder of the school year
 Parents will have an opportunity to collect students personal items
 Teachers will continue to plan learning information and communicate that to
students and parents
Trustland Plan Review:
 The School Plan for 2020-2021 was approved and has gone through
 Money for aide salaries will be spent with some carryover into next year.
 The one on one for new Chromebooks have really been proven to be useful
at this time
 We will continue to find ways to support families and learning through the
soft closure
Candidates and Elections:
 emails have been sent out to inform parents of new positions within
Community Council, and we are looking into other ways to reach parents
so they all have an opportunity to participate.
 positions to be replaced, Brad Spencer (Teacher), Ericka Rodriguez (Parent,
Secretary), Benjamin Delora (Parent)
 Voting will take place in a few weeks
Open Discussion:
 How to help parents utilize, Leader in Me, that the Staff and children have
worked on in school.
 Would Counselors be available to talk with the children, or Parents?
 Can all parents and children get a Daily Routine, or Time-frame to spend on
home learning
Next Meeting: September 8 2020 @3:45 P.M.
End of Meeting: 4:25 P.M.