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Minutes 2020/03/03

Community Council Minutes

March 3, 2020
Begin: 3:45 P.M.
Attendance: Mrs. Okey, Tracy Beck, Ericka Rodriguez, Brad Spencer, Lisa Begley, Diana
Beard, Heidi James
Overview of School plan 2020-2021:
     -Continue to measure progress in Reading, Writing, Technology and Fine Arts
     -Assessments of DIBELS (BOY, MOY, EOY) and RISE (BOY, EOY) for proficiency and progress
     -Budget for paraprofessionals, teacher workshops/conferences
     -Budget for Technology: carts, devices, headsets, smartboards/Tvs
     -Leader in Me program and incentives for student Behaviors
  *Plan was reviewed and all committee members present voted, Yes.
Plan will be submitted to district council for review. Further questions or adjustments will be made and voted on as needed until funding is reallocated and Plan is approved.
Discussion for next year:
     -Funding for Fine Arts and Music/Movement that could be put into PLC rotation, that is scheduled and helps with incentives and behaviors
     - Technology upgrades and maintenance for instructional use
     - Advertise about elections for next years positions held within committee 
     -Foundation money, grants, and spirit within the school (Leader in Me)
End: 4:45pm